Job Seekers: Add Image, Optimize Headline and Summary Sections to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Presenting a professional image on networking sites such as LinkedIn is a smart way to attract the attention of potential employers while setting yourself apart in the digital space.

From writing an action-oriented headline to uploading a profile picture that reflects the professional qualities that modernProfile image of professional female. employers and contemporary recruiters seek, there are multiple ways to optimize a LinkedIn profile based on your background, education and career goals.

A good place to start may be to update your resume while considering which sections or bullet points would be a natural fit for publication on LinkedIn.

Looking at your LinkedIn from a top-down approach – after singing in, moving your cursor over Profile at the top of the homepage, and selecting Edit Profile – you will find areas in which to update your name, region or city and industry focus.

In addition a Summary section with space to write about your unique skills and qualifications, LinkedIn also provides numerous spaces to highlight past employment and special projects, alongside honors, awards, organizations and volunteer experiences.

From job seekers to employers and workforce intermediaries, taking care on LinkedIn to present a professional image – including an updated profile picture a super clear or extra-creative headline – is a best practice worth looking into.

Here are five ways to get started:

1. Upload / Change Photo: Adding an image that reflects your professional style is a great way to get noticed on LinkedIn. The ideal pixel size for your photo is 400 pixels x 400 pixels. Uploading is a breeze.

2. Write a Professional Headline: The best headlines are clear, concise and representative of your personal brand. It matters.

3. Update Summary Section: Adding or beefing up a Summary allows recruiters, employers and other connections to get a better sense for your passion, capabilities and style. What do you want them to know about you? How would you like them to respond?

4. Consider Honors & Awards: Were you an honor-roll student? Recognized for a special achievement? Voted most likely to succeed? LinkedIn provides a place to share such achievements.

5. Add Organizations: Drawing attention to the professional associations or not-for-profit organizations could be very helpful with regards to demonstrating a commitment to the broader community in which you live work or play.

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